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Mercedes Benz V Class – “MPV” Mercedes Peoples Carrier

Mercedes Benz V Class 7 Seater - Mercedes Peoples Carrier Hire

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class retains a unique position in the market a large and luxurious MPV with a prestige brand that’s ideal for corporate shuttle and “mobile boardroom” jobs.

The VClass is a more up-market vehicle than the car it replaced, the Mercedes Viano. The bolder gille, bigger headlamps and sculpted side panels create a vehicle with much presence.

The dashboard is the most notable advance, compared to both Mercedes-Benz Viano and the current Vito Tourer. Mercedes has cleverly used parts from other models. The instrument cluster is from the C-Class, as is the flat screen sat-nav and central ‘Comand’ controller. Circular vents are straight out of Mercedes S-Class. You even get a cut down version of S-Class ambient LED lighting.

The comfortable rear compartment is accessible through electric sliding doors. The seating has reversible second-row leather seats. A three passenger third row bench seat is standard, and a three person second-row bench is a no-cost option.

We like the flexible tailgate that allows the rear window to open independently of the tailgate helpful in tight spaces. The rear parcel shelf is load bearing, and can carry hand luggage. Total boot capacity is a cavernous 1,410 litres.

Mercedes Benz V Class Interior 8 Seater Mercedes MPV V-Class comes in three lengths, though United Kingdom is only taking the standard and extra-long versions. The 3.0-litre V6 has been axed and only Euro 6 2.2-litre diesel fours stay, in two power outputs, 163PS (V220) and 190PS (V250). There are two trim levels—SE and Sport, giving a four model range. Badging has been realigned and simplified; the cars are simply V220d or V250d. V250 has C02 emissions of Ian for automatic and 157g/km with a manual gearbox much better than the If Viano 3.0 V6’s 224g/km.

And a claimed combined fuel economy of 44.8mpg for 1250 auto is a significant improvement. On test, achieved 32.8mpg, averaging 30mph. By comparison, the Viano V6 extra-long tested back in 2011 returned 24.8mpg.

Mercedes Benz Vito 114BlueTEC Tourer Select Long

Mercedes Vito 114 BlueTEC

For many private hire operators, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class’s sumptuous interior is overkill. For airport transfers, or groups of partygoers, something that looks and drives like Mercedes Benz V Class, but with fewer frills, is what’s needed.

Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer replaces the Vito Traveliner and fills this niche. Mechanically similar to V-Class, and with the same basic body shell, Vito people carrier offers a Mercedes Benz 8 seater at a price that’s competitive with a Ford Tourneo Custom.

Merc MPV Vito Tourer comes in two trim levels Pro and Select, which offers more comfortable seats, bigger alloys, body coloured bumpers and carpet replacing the Pro’s wipe-clean rubber flooring.

Both versions are available in three body lengths, and oddly, there are both front and rear-wheel drive versions. The FWD models use a 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel, while RWD models all use the familiar 2,143cc unit that powers the Mercedes Benz E Class saloon and Mercedes V-C1ass luxury MPV.

Mercedes Vito 114 BlueTEC interior Interior is rather basic in comparison to the V Class, with two rows of fabric covered bench seats, configured in forward facing style.

In the taxi, Mercedes Vito MPV Tourer has the more simple, robust dash from the Vito van. Solid, sturdy grey plastic is the order of the day. A flat central panel incorporates most of the controls, including the optional simple, familiar Garmin sat-nav system. Suspension is based on the van, though Tourer versions are tuned to have a softer “comfort” ride. Fuel economy is quoted as 43.5mpg combined. We achieved 37.8mpg at an average 22mph. The engine is Euro 6 compliant, but C02 emissions are not brilliant at 171g/km.

On long-wheelbase model, there was a very decent loadspace of 1,030 litres. Extra-long versions will offer even more though there is a £3,400 price premium.

Mercedes Benz Vito passenger van Tourer is considered a commercial vehicle, so it’s sold through Mercedes truck dealers, which tend to have longer opening hours, including weekend servicing.

Mercedes Vito 114 BlueTEC

Mercedes E Class

MERCEDES E220d SE 9G-Tronic

Mercedes Benz E Class Saloon

The tenth generation executive Mercedes Benz brings significant improvements in performance and luxury.

The MERCEDES E220d comes in SE and AMG trim levels. It uses Mercedes’ new 194bhp four-cylinder 2.0-litre turbo-diesel, and a nine-speed transmission, replacing the seven-speed of the old E.

Estate versions joined the range at the end of 2016. The EŽ20d SE doesn’t quite manage to hit the 99g/km C02 level it emits 102g/km. A Plug-In Hybrid petrol-electric E350e version will follow.

The E-Class looks smoother than its predecessor, with a look of Mercedes S-Class about the exterior. The grille, is bolder and the traditional “gunsight” grille is back as an option. Compared with its predecessor, its wheelbase has grown by 65mm and overall length is 43mm greater. This gives an extra 6mm of knee room in the rear. Boot space is the same at 540 litres.

Mercedes Benz E Class Interior Inside, the Mercedes E-Class has adopted the wide-screen, “floating” digital double-panel from the S-Class, complete with ambient lighting in a choice of 64 colours. Satnav graphics are extremely crisp; the central 12.3in screen covers the, mapping while driving information is on the same sized customisable screen in front of the driver.

On the road, the four-cylinder diesel is extremely smooth and well-insulated. There’s very little noticeable engine noise. Ride can be configured to Sport. Comfort or Eco. Adaptive cruise control is now part of a suite of systems called Drive Pilot. This includes a speed limit resognition system that reads road signs via a camera and immediately sets the cruise control to the maximum on the sign.

It can also follow lanes round corners without driver input. The car automatically steers, tracking the car in front, even if there are no lane markings. In traffic jams, Distronic stays engaged for 30sec after you’ve stopped, re-engaging the moment the car in front moves off. Mercedes E Class economy performance of 43.5mpg at 30mph was some way short of the claimed 72.4mpg, but a big improvement on the old E220d last tested in 2013 (39.4mpg at 30mph).

The Mercedes Benz E Class estate has a typically Mercedes roof line a gently descending slope at the rear, which makes the back doors taller and helps with rear seat access. The load area is very acceptable 540 litres below the load cover, with a wide, flat lip and a deep space 1,175mm from tailgate to the seat backs. The rear load cover is attached to the electric tailgate and raises when the door is opened.


Mercedes Benz E350e SE

Mercedes-Benz’s latest E-Class hasn’t disappointed, but many chauffeur operators didn’t like the fact that the E300 BlueTec Hybrid version was no longer part of the new range.

In its place comes the E350e. This ditches diesel and instead combines a 2.0-litre petrol engine with an electric motor, together with a plug-in hybrid system, offering a claimed 21 miles of pure electric range.

Professional Driver tested the Benz car with and without recharging. With careful driving, it’s possible to have around 40% of your total miles delivered electrically, with the engine off even on a fully discharged main battery.

This is because the E350e is very good at topping itself up when it’s on the move. On test, starting with a full charge but without recharging, we covered 558 of which 203 miles were delivered by battery 36% of the total. Fuel economy was 37.6mpg. Some way short of the 43.5mpg we achieved in the E220d.

If you really want to get the benefit of the plug-in system, you need to plug it in regularly. And that doesn’t fit the work pattern of the typical chauffeur.

Boot space is compromised you get just 400 litres in the Mercedes Benz E350e compared with 540 in the Mercedes Benz E220d. The floor is a good deal shallower, and it has a notable step. You can still accommodate three cases, but you’ve also got to find room for not one but two charge cables, which come in neat little bags. Mercedes E350e offers a level cabin noise that is way better than its diesel sibling. The loudest sound is road noise, with only a small amount of engine noise on overtaking or brisk acceleration. What you do feel is the extra weight of the battery pack and electric motor. Mercedes E350e is around 250kg heavier than Mercedes E220d, and you notice the greater bulk when cornering.

Mercedes S Class


Mercedes S Class AMG S400 Luxury Car Hire

As facelifts go, the 2017 upgrade for the Mercedes Benz S-Class was a subtle one. A new radiator grille but beyond that, it’s business as usual. Multibeam LED headlights are upgraded and now offer a lighting range of 650m.

But there are major changes under the bonnet, with the addition of an all new and highly efficient engine range, along with further electrification of the powertrain. And Mercedes has incorporated much of the Intelligent Drive autonomous technology, first seen on the Mercedes E Class, into the bigger saloon.

New engines include new in-line six cylinder diesel and petrol engines as well new V8 twin turbo petrol engine. New technologies such as a 48-volt Integrated Starter Alternator and an electric booster compressor make their debuts on the car.

The interior retains the wide digital panels, comprising two 12/3in screens, though these are now combined under a single, seamless glass, as on the Mercedes E-Class. As before, LED ambient interior lighting is fitted, but this now offers 64 colours, as in the Mercedes E-Class.

Six-cylinder diesel versions now offer fuel economy into the 50mpg-plus range. With power output levels of 286hp and 600Nm of torque for Mercedes S Class S350d, and 340hp and 700 Mn for the new S400d, the new BMW 7301 diesel sixes have more power than their predecessors, though fuel consumption is reduced by 7%.

Mercedes S Class AMG S400 interior Inside the car, an larger range of trim colours and materials is offered. These include open-pore woods as well as leather trimmed door linings and waistlines, depending on the equipment level.

On the road, the S-Class retains its grand, imposing feel there’s something about the luxury car that makes it feel bigger and more impressive than its key rivals.

The satnav has been enhanced to give more comprehensive information about traffic problems. And the big 12.3in screen is the sharpest in the business.