Refund Policy and Cancellation

All Card booking cancelled outside 24 hour in advance; notice £15.00 cancellation fee is retained plus 5% credit cards transaction charged fee. Advance booking cancelled with-in 12 hours passengers will get 50% refund minus the 5% credit card transaction fee. NO Refund for booking cancelled less than 12 hours.


To cancel a booking make sure you sent us email attached with your receipt. at [email protected] For any reason (accident, road circumstances, etc) we are unable to provide vehicles service, you will receive a full refund.


Cancellations for airport’s or seaport’s pick-up will be charged at full fee in the event the driver has been dispatched to the pick-up area, including “No Show UpPassenger(s) from an airport or seaport terminal: the Company will allow 30 and 45 minutes waiting time. Beginning from the last known believed arrival time of an inbound international as well as a domestic flight respectively. The Company reserve the right to charge the Client any Waiting-Time-Charge. Which shall, for that avoidance of doubt, this  include the first 30 or 45  minutes. We will monitor the appropriate flight provided with the booking and alter the collection time accordingly


An entry and parking cost shall be payable by the Customer for collections from airport’s, seaport’s, international and domestic train terminals. Which includes car parking charges according towards the final car park cost after the each 30 minutes.


Any Passenger (apart from the Booker) may change the Quoted Transfer through providing very clear guidelines to the Driver. The Company may (but we are not required to) obtain approval from the passenger for such change prior to accepting the amending directions, extra Charges may be applied by us.


The Company will confirm any cancellations by e-mail. Should you receive a cancellation e-mail and passenger do not wish to cancel the booking, passengers are required to notify the Company by email or telephone. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties”.


Changes that will not affect the fare price of the booking can be change through our office staff prior to the first journey of the booking concerned.


If passenger desires to make a modification that could affect the fare price of the booking, for instance the pick-up address/postcode or number of passengers. You will have to cancel the previous booking and arrange re-booking.


The Company reserve the right to charge the Customer a surcharge for all transfers made within the Christmas Duration, this kind of surcharge shall be communicated to the Booker. This surcharge of 50% or 100% on the fixed fare prices listed on Crony Chauffeur Service Cars on the following dates: 25th26th31st December and 1st January. Most charges determined by occasion are usually priced inside 15 minutes increments. Most charges determined by usage of mileage are usually priced to the last distance.


All invoices are generally deemed correct if not queried within seven working days and may be resolved completely ahead of the commencement of the transfer. Any type of discount rates granted shall be deemed null and void if this condition is not met. Crony Trading Ltd reserve the right to pursue amounts payable owed through civil court.


All private hire vehicles provided are fitted with seat belts conforming to EU regulations. It is up to the hirer (not the driver) to ensure that seat belts are worn. Crony Trading Ltd will not be held accountable for any claims caused from the non or misuse of seat belts.


For all our valued passenger with any query regarding these terms, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us